Nancy & Martijn

Every interior designer has an unlimited number of ways to express their style. But what matters most of all is their approach—the specific perspective they have on the world and the story they tell through the materials they use. It all comes down to the choices they make.

It looks like creative duo Nancy Torreele and Martijn van Rijn are making all the right choices.

Their innovative firm, Barn in the City, is rapidly expanding thanks to their handcrafted approach in blending aged barn wood with modern designs for furniture, decorative paneling and wall surfaces. The clever concepts include their inventive line of finishes, such as the show-stopping “Iced Barn wood”.

“We’re in love with Barn wood,” Martijn says, “We’re also constantly reinventing ourselves to see how far we can go—developing new ways of looking at and living with this beautiful, natural texture.”


Their work is steeped in the past, but highly attuned to the present, which reflects the tastes of their clients around the world.

Because the product is so versatile, interior designers and architects fell in love with the chance to request specific sizes, colors and collaborate on a common goal: creating stunning interiors. Which is why you’ll find their work in some high-profile projects including private residences, spas and even out at sea on yachts.

Their work has a timeless feel for the environment, and their innovative finishes and wood treatments add a fresh new perspective that brings truth to the phrase, “You’ve never seen wood this way.”

The company’s commissions include one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as an entire furniture line including dining room, coffee and side tables. Rugged wood mixed with contemporary, angled metal frames is a winning combination.

While you’ll find their clients happily enjoying life in their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and spas around the world—where are you most likely to find Nancy and Martijn?

“If we’re not traveling, we love to be in the workshop and studio with the artisans. Concepting, creating, inventing, innovating.” With that kind of philosophy, Barn in the City has certainly moved out of the forest and into the future. Which is exactly where we want to live.